Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Succeed

I’ve found that often
when you’re in need
If at first
you don’t succeed

Try and try
and just pay heed
For what you plant
may be the seed

A wish that’s made
that is not greed
Is possible
through word and deed

Don’t give up
of this I plead
If at first
you don’t succeed


  1. A positive anthem to hope and tenacity. Well rhymed and metered..no small task. Vb

  2. "For what you plant may be the seed," is very well articulated and one can not help but understand the depths from which it comes. Wisdom! Very nice Lisa.

  3. This is a very positive message Lisa just loved it!

  4. Lisa, I love this one... such wise and inspirational words. I can see it as a card or plaque standing on a desk at work...


  5. Lovely, thanks for sharing it's definitely something I needed to read today!