Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ABC - Letter "O"

The Rule of Oct
If you have eight points you are octactinal
and that is factual

If you are recurring every eight days you are octan
and of that I am a fan

If celebrating the eight hundredth anniversary it is an octingentenary
a time to truly make merry

If you have eight eyes you are octonocular
you must look quite peculiar

If running a government of eight you have an octarchy
quite different from a monarchy.

So, following the rule of eight set up by men
Why, oh Why is October the month of ten


  1. I just learned how to 'follow' a blog and looked yours up...delighted, I'm sure! Kudos! Your poems are full of fun plays on words, and great creativity!

  2. Wonderful "O"...and has One thing "O" my why...bkm

  3. great play on words and I love that last line not only a valid but almost riddle like in it's asking!

  4. ah, yes, I blame the Caesars, who got inserted before September!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. lol! True - so very true.
    Thanks so much for this

    ABC Team

  6. oh, but you only have seven clever rules of Oct!

  7. Helen, you are so right. I hadn't thought of having 8 until now. LOL