Saturday, September 10, 2011

Laughter Minute Poem

Laughter is the sweetest of sounds
Bouncing around
Makes us smile
For awhile

Laughter can be infectious too
We know it’s true
Can’t be annoyed
Cannot avoid

Laughter is good for mental health
It is free wealth
Is great for stress
When life’s a mess

Sunshine Sensation - Sunday Scribblings


Six Word Saturday - Remember September 11th

September 11, 2001!

May we never forget that day
or those who died!

SEPTEMBER 11th - Haiku Heights Challenge Day 11

Always Remember

September Eleventh Will Be

Nation's Darkest Day

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© Lisa N ~ 9/9/2011

MAGIC - Haiku Heights Challenge Day 10

Dark and Dangerous

Entertaining and Exciting

Magic's Many Sides

© Lisa N ~ 9/9/2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hand of God - Flash 55

When the hand of God
Reaches out to You
Take hold, cling tightly
When you doubt it is true
The ride of your life
Fear not if you dare
Open to the unknown
Ignore signs to beware
A chance you’ll regret
Don’t let it pass by
Go with the flow
Nothing lost if you try

STOCK - Acrostic Only (AL)

Take stock of your current state
Must not continue to wait
Its time to move on
Before options are gone
Take control – it is not too late

c© Lisa N. ~ 09/08/2011

YEARN - Haiku Heights Challenge Day 9

Step Back and Listen

Yearn To Stretch and Keep Growing

Learning More Each Day

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Haste - Acrostic Only (SW)


Boogeyman - Acrostic Only (CC)

Beyond the door
One demon lives
Often peeking out
Guarding hells gates
Evil lurking there
Yet sadly see
Most refuse belief
Alone I know
Never safe again

Fear Erodes - TWW

we step out
from the safe comfort
of what is deep in our heart
we are able to take new chances
It is then that we observe significant
opportunities that might have
otherwise been missed
Fear erodes life
from deep

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© Lisa N ~ 9/7/2011

HIDDEN - Haiku Heights Challenge Day 8

Hidden Mystery

Pictures Are Not What They Seem

Treasure Lies Within

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© Lisa N ~ 9/7/2011

HYPNOTIC - Haiku Heights Challenge Day 7

Hypnotic Session
What Secrets Will I Reveal
Finally Some Answers
© Lisa N ~ 9/7/2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Weed (One Single Impression #184)

Natures Unwanted
Not Chosen As A Flower
Shunned And Spurned By All

Tomorrow (Sunday Scribblings)

If you knew Tomorrow wouldn’t come
What would you do?

Would you worry about what to wear?
Would you yell about the toothpaste cap?
Would you waste time on petty disagreements?

or instead

Would you say a prayer?
Would you say you are sorry?
Would you say I Love You?

Who knows if Tomorrow will come!

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© Lisa N. ~ 09/05/2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stuck on the Bijou - Magpie

Stuck in the sand
This is how we just were
Our wheels dug in
Escape did not occur

Stranded on the Bijou
Help coming our way
A long hike to the road
Wasn't the plan for the day

We're delivered back home
Then return with a tow
Big Brother Excursion
Gives the Jeep a show

© Lisa N. ~ 09/04/2011

Six Word Saturday - I Am Back

Incredibly Happy To Be Writing Again
© Lisa N. ~ 09/03/2011

Melancholy - Acrostic Only (E) & Dodgewrites


© Lisa N. ~ 09/04/2011

New Challenge - Sunday 160

Life has taken a turn.
A new challenge on the horizon.
Some believe I am crazy.
Some are probably right.
Want to make a difference.
City Council Representative.

© Lisa N ~ 9/4/2011

RETURNING - Haiku Heights Challenge Day 4

Life's Interference
Writing Always Takes Backseat
Surprise I Am Back

© Lisa N ~ 9/4/2011

FLOURISH - Haiku Heights Challenge Day 5

Unfullfilled Passions
Take Risks and Believe In Self
Dreams Flourish Indeed

© Lisa N ~ 9/4/2011