Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Pensee - Poetic Muse

Patient Artist

Regally poised, pen in hand
Clear mind that is free of clutter
Come now elusive muse

posted for http://tossingitout.blogspot.com/
© Lisa N ~ 4/19/2011

This form is called a Pensee Poem. A modern form with syllable count 2-4-7-8-7 but further line 1 is the subject, line 2 gives description, line 3 action, line 4 the setting, line 5 a final thought.


  1. I like this but what I like the most is that the person is ready for the inspiration to come not doing other things but sitting with pen in hand. This is so important for our work. Often I find inspiration doesn't come until I am at the keyboard ready to go. Great job.

  2. Very, very good Lisa. I love the form and the subject matter, the eloquence in the manner you selected, composed and skillfully mastered this one. Such talent. Have a great day of creating.

  3. Very Nice Lisa !!
    I was wondering if you were doing a Gratituesday today... I've been waiting for the prompt... if not its okay, just wondered !

  4. It must be my cluttered mind that keeps me from being a poet!

    Cool form!