Monday, April 4, 2011

Compound Verse - An Inconvenient Cross (A-Z Challenge - Letter C)

The path in front of me is dark;
To reach to my destination park
Must Crossover

Illuminated yellow slot
dictates the only legal spot
The Crosswalk
Lazy me longs to cross right here
I listen to my real fear
No Crosscut
I find myself living outside
My comfort zone ~ I must decide
A Crossroad
All these voices in my own head
Making my ears begin to dread
More Crosstalk
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© Lisa N ~ 3/31/11

This form is called a Compound Word Verse. Made up of five 3-line stanzas for a total of 15 lines.
The last line in each stanza ends in a compound word that share a common word from the title.
Rhyme scheme is aab with a meter of 8,8,3


  1. Very lovely! I think I get lots of cross talk all day long from myself.

  2. You have such a wonderful style of writing poetry. I usually do free verse, but I should try different forms like this!

  3. You are officially my blogging hero of the week. The A to Z challenge is hard enough, and you're doing poetry!

    Beautiful poetry, too. :)