Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally Free (3 Word Wednesday)

Walking down the path toward the beach
I find myself stopping to look back toward the cottage
It is early April in the Mountains of Colorado
The calendar says that it is Spring
Yet based on the thermometer on the deck
An argument could be made against the fact
Dressed in a warm sweater I continue on
I am adamant that I have to do this.
Back inside in the warmth of my comforter
There were so many reasons to stay put
Excuses that I could fabricate as justification
Regardless, I am committed today to completion
To following through on these wishes
I’m sure when this request was written
The action seemed quite simple
For me this feels at best peculiar
I pause and look back one last time
Finally at the water’s edge I open the container
I close my eyes and say a silent prayer
As a single tear slides down my cheek
I toss the ashes off the dock towards the lake
The wind takes them and scatters them
Finally free – both him and me

© Lisa N ~ 4/6/2011


  1. This really is beautifully written. What is particularly good is that you permit your reader to fill in all the gaps to complete their own picture of story, both the lost love and sadness that got your narrator to this point.

  2. What oldegg said. And also, why it is so important to keep a promise.

  3. Words elude me. It is so wonderful! I would say i have to agree with Oldegg.

  4. Wonderful..these things can only be done when ready..I felt every purposeful step to the water's edge..Jae

  5. Love this Lisa, you inspire us in so many ways !!

  6. Sheialgh Lee said:Beautiful and heartfelt.You can feel every emotion deeply in this poem,simply lovely

  7. The flow toward completion of the poem and the task are just right, Lisa. You carry the reader along on an emotional wave.
    Here's my VERY LATE 3WW contribution:

  8. very beautiful and touching. you gave the scene a life. hope its not a personal loss.