Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Water Fun

Sharing this memory from childhood
The garden hose brought it to mind
Great water fun time for all
Count on every summer
Running from house
To play in spray
In the street


  1. And one line away from an etheree! :)

  2. Amazing how the little things give such pleasure. Really admire your versatility with form. Always something new going on here. Vb

  3. Oh I loved doing this as a kid. And my kids do it now--on the trampoline! Ha.

    Thanks for your comment on My Blog. I just realized I've been responding back to you through email, but yours isn't listed so it's just been boinging into cyberspace. Eeep! (Sorry, it takes me awhile to notice things)

    And as for your comment today, yes he is! *can't stop smiling cheesily*

  4. A wonderful memory - and well crafted to pull us into remembering as well! :-)

  5. This was way cool Lisa!! Form is great and the words take me back, well...to darn far back, but we won't go there. I liked this because it made me :) Thanks.

  6. Love it! The shape matches the words perfectly. I could feel the excitement running through it and almost hear the sound of the running feet.

  7. I love this! The shape just caught my eye. Well done!!

  8. Well *this* was pure genius, wasn't it?!

    Love the shape, the words, the memory.

    My favorite part: "to play in spray." it's nice to see simple fun in print!

  9. What wonderful memories of childhood summers this evoked! And the form made me think of icecream cones! I hope you will add a link to it at Monday Memories!!

  10. We did that too, and so did my children. Haha. I remember on a recent trip up north, watching and smiling at a small boy, from an outback town, excited because he was allowed to play with the hose and they didn't have enough water to do that where he lived.