Sunday, April 24, 2011

Asking for Forgiveness (For OSI and Sunday Scribblings)

I come to this hallowed place
Knowing that it’s a start
Asking for forgiveness
For the hardness in my heart

Look to you for guidance
After so much pain I’ve felt
How dare I try to question
The hand the Lord has dealt

I’ve been a poor example
Of a Christian woman’s role
The anger and resentment
Eroding at my soul

It’s time to try again
Let hurt and anger fade
Find the shine of love again
Instead of a masquerade


  1. Love and peace will come and reside with you forever. Amen.

  2. Nice and thoughtful piece of writing!

  3. It is fine to be imperfect just try to avoid the masquerade. Love is the key, love is the tool love is the way.

  4. Perfect for the day..this time gives an opportunity to improve on the good things we already know..Jae

  5. Thay say confession is good for the soul. In this case, it really is. This cry of an open heart poem is perfectly clear.

  6. Great poem about a subject that's close to my heart.

  7. "How dare I try to question
    The hand the Lord has dealt" This is so amazing. I love the message thanks again for changing my life.

  8. Again, Lisa, your faith and contrition shine through.
    Here is mine:

  9. That's the beauty Lisa, we always have a chance to try again. God Bless.

  10. Beautiful a Christian woman, I echo your sentiments. Thank God for second chances!!

  11. Isn't it wonderful that we are given the grace of a second chance?
    On Paper Wings