Monday, June 6, 2011

Beware Thoughts

Beware thoughts
that come in the night.
Their deep dark visions
can cause quite a fright.

Unlike thoughts
that come in the light
midnight perceptions
are not black and white.

These thoughts are a hue
of dark gray at best
Their meanings complex
too much to digest.

Solid advice has been given
to beware thoughts you must
Especially those that come
in the night – don’t trust.

Eye Wonder What You See

Look deep into my eye
And tell me what you see
Dark black spreads out
Into a blue sea

Like looking at the earth
From high up in the sky
Or maybe a crater
Making the dirt fly

Look deep into my eye
And tell me what you see
Your imagination wanders
Wondering what it may be

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bad Graph - Succinctly Yours Week 11

If trying to achieve success
This graph is quite a mess
The arrow should climb high
Demonstrate positive try
Gather ponder and get inspired
Someone is going to get fired

Monday's Child #48 - Garden Clowning

Illusration: by Vincent Mathy

All the garden vegetables
Gathered all around
Wondering what the commotion is
Up there off the ground

It seems to be a peacock
Yet no that can’t be right
It looks like Miss Asparagus
Tendrils are quite the sight

She’s branched out all the leaves
A colorful palate for all to see
Now she’s jumping up and down
Floats like a balloon would be

She’s causing quite the stir
The other’s all are frowning
All this attention can’t be good
Vegetables should not be clowning

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© Lisa N ~ 6/5/2011


I Hold Out Against
Seemingly Unbearable Odds
Tolerating With Admirable Patience
I Continue To Strive Forward
Gaining Worth and Merit

Porcelain - Haiku Heights #46 (Couldn't Resist)

Porcelain Goddess
Worshiped By Overindulged
Unpleasant Moments

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© Lisa N ~ 6/5/2011

ABC - Letter T

Left in its path
Hand  selecting
One left standing
The next destroyed
Such blatant disregard
Such violence unleashed
Comes and goes in moments
Leaves behind unfathomable sadness

God Bless and Keep
Those in Joplin, MO

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© Lisa N ~ 6/5/2011

What I Am Doing 160

What Am I Doing
Watching TV
Writing Poetry
Reading On My Kindle
Keeping Up On Facebook
Feeling Anxious About Life
Silently Praying For Positive
Avoiding Reality

Sweet Nothings

Sounds So Special
Words We Whisper
Each Effortlessly Encourages
Emotional Ecstasy Equivalent
Timeless Transparent Testimonials

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