Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Got a Stylish Blogger Award - YEA

I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by

To accept the award, you have to do the following

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

Seven (7) Things about Myself

1) I have only been seriously blogging now for 2 months.
2) I have “serious” issues with crunchy bugs (i.e. crickets, waterbugs, etc.). I’ll take a snake or rat over them any day.
3) I have major OCD tendencies. Items (such as M&M’s, Skittles, etc) must be separated by color and then eaten in even numbered pairs. Don’t look at me like you think I am weird. LOL
4) I am a Mom and a Stepmom.
5) I dream of publishing a fiction novel someday.
6) I was in Trafalgar Square in London on the day of the riots in 1990.
7) I LOVE Chocolate. It must be made into the newest Food Group.

Paying It Forward

DodgeWrites at
I'm a poet at heart and love to learn. I really enjoy prompting the imagination in others and seeing how they see the world.

A Piece of my Mind at
Champion of the Arts – I write historical and paranormal fiction, as well as poetry. I love to showcase creative works by artists of all stripes. Blogging from Nova Scotia, Canada

Wicked Stepmom at
Lose mind, find mind. Repeat.

Catherine Denton at
Story has the powerful ability to change us. It changed me.

Coming down the Mountain at
I love to read and I believe in the power of books to change lives. My passion is to empower authors and promote literacy. Editor, WiDo Publishing. Co-founder, I blog (excessively) about writing, editing, and publishing issues. I tweet a lot. My published works are Farm Girl, a memoir, and Uncut Diamonds, a novel. House of Diamonds is scheduled for 2011 release by WiDo Publishing

Conversations with Laurie at
I created this blog so I could express my feelings and share them with you. I am full of gratitude for the wonderful life I have now because I went through a lot of painful experiences in early adulthood. I hope to share my inspiration and pass it on. Life is good- live it. Share with others your joy. God bless.

Rogues Home Cooked at
Nothing but home cooked goodness.

Encouragement for Christian Writers at
Devotions to uplift and inspire fellow travelers on the writing path.

Poetry Wellspring at
Poetic journey and analysis of poetry, in our family view, from the Classics to Medieval, Romantic to Restoration, Victorian to Modern poetry.

Snakesmom Crazy Cartoon at
Just all around great blog site


  1. Lisa, you are sooo cool!! Thanks so much!! I only hope I can follow directions well enough to accomplish this endeavor. You are so kind L.

  2. Congratulations, Lisa... and thanks! I am truly honored that you thought of me.


  3. Congrats Lisa! :) Thank you. I don't post awards due to time constraints, but I feel honored by your sweet thoughts.
    My Blog

  4. Congratulations, you Stylish Blogger, you! And thanks for the shout-out.

    Meanwhile, I like to eat my M&Ms in threes, with each one being a different color. They taste better that way.

  5. Congrats Lisa on the awesome reward.

  6. Thank you so much for thinking of my blog for this award, I appreciate it very much! :)

    I will display it proudly on my page and link back, thanks again! Now, I only wish I had a cool award I could give to YOU.

    P.S. I am a Hershey's with Almonds fan, I love them!

  7. CONGRATS & Thank you so much Lisa !!
    Love that you thought of us and love the seven things part, getting to know you better is oh so nice !