Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Dearest - NOT (NaPoWriMO #3 and PAD Day 2)

Challenge: Poem love letter to an old flame. (Mine is fiction)
Use one or more of these words:
dung beetle, politician, nuclear, exoskeleton, oceanography, pompadour, toilet

My Dearest Darling Daniel
I write to you today
I wonder why you treated me
as a dung beetle in your way

I remember how you used to look
That pompadour was so poofy
All swirled up on top your head
you looked a lot like “Goofy”

I know I sound a little trite
But if you could only know
A politician shouldn’t make a date
And instead decide to just not show

You made me look like such a fool
The waiters questions made me blush
Your notes of love are gone for good
Down the toilet in one flush

© Lisa N ~ 4/2/2011


  1. WAY, WAY, WAY cool Lisa !!
    Sorry Im so behind on reading... I have a lot to catch up on !
    Have to go to work again, I wont be able to catch up till friday or so, just know you are on my mind !!