Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CC - 19/365 Dozen Word Short Story - Aging

This is a short story written using 12 randomly selected words from a jar and then writing in 15 minutes using each word (preferably in order drawn for an extra challenge).


Dozen Words: Fantasy, Guide, Charged, Pocket, Applied, Bathing, Pleasant, Noise, Light, Daily, Cosmetic, Technique
Every woman has a fantasy about remaining younger looking. Guides are written by thousands of authors, all with the same intention. These books are charged with finding ways to preserve youth at whatever cost. Out of pocket costs are rarely even considered a factor. As women, we look for creams or lotions that can be applied. We look for ways such as bathing away unwanted aging skin. Some solutions can be quite pleasant, while many can be downright awful. There are even treatments that use noise, while others are so advanced they use laser light. Ultimately, the best thing a woman can do is to daily take care of her skin. Making sure to limit the amount of cosmetic products you use and cleansing them off thoroughly. Yet the most important technique a woman can have is to learn to love yourself and be willing to age gracefully.

Monday, January 18, 2010

CC 18/365 - Quote of the Day (Standing Up)

It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to you enemies
but even more to stand up to your friends!
~ J K Rowling ~

What a fabulous statement! In fact I believe that the fear we feel when we stand up to our enemies is an internal fear base upon danger. The fear we feel when standing up to our friends is much deeper. The fear of not only bodily harm is far outweighed by our human nature for acceptance. What will our friends think if we stand up to them or stand up against them? Is our relationship strong enough to endure a challenge of the other? Are we strong enough in our own personal belief to go to battle for it?

Friday, January 15, 2010

CC 15/365 - ABC's of Being Creative

ABC's of Being Creative
Archive ALL Your Work
Breaking Barriers
Confidence in Yourself
Don't Over Analyze
Expect Things to Be Good
Frequency of Creations
Give Change a Chance
Have FUN
Keep At It
Loosen Up and Have Fun
Movement Can Express Creativity
New Things
Own the Right Tools
Prevent Perfectionism
Quiet Meditation First
Randon Mediums
Share with Others
Trust Intuition
Understand That Not Everything Works
Value Your Talent
Work When the Spirit Moves You
Xpect A Masterpiece
Yesterday is Over - Start Anew
Zone Out For Maximum Focus

Thursday, January 14, 2010

CC 14/365 - Dozen Word Short Story - Disaster in Haiti

This is a short story written using 12 randomly selected words from a jar and then writing in 15 minutes using each word (preferably in order drawn for an extra challenge).

Dozen Words - today, gateway, accounts, call, higher, fear, rescue, super, new, circle, minimum, lives
Disaster in Haiti

Today we embark on a mission of friendship. Haiti, a country that seems to be a gateway for natural disasters has been devasted again. By all accounts, the devastation has been catastrophic and the call has been put out to the rest of the world for help. The numbers of lives lost continues to climb higher and the fear is that the number will reach 50,000. The massive rescue effort is in full force. The response for help has been super with more and more new volunteers arriving daily. Back home many groups gather in a prayer circle to offer their support. At a minimum in all this loss and devastation we see some miraculous rescues and inspiring people risking their lives to try to save others.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CC 13/365 - Turkey Vultures Photograph

(Photograph by Lisa)

Turkey Vultures

An Ominious Thing It is

To Have Vultures Visit Your Neighborhood

Majestic and Magnificient

Beautiful and Regal
YET . . .

Disconcerting To The Senses

Aren't They The Grim Reaper of Birds

Traveling in Huge Flocks

Filling All of The Treetops

AND . . .

They Just Sit There

Occasionally Moving From Tree to Tree

Posing For Pictures If You Have Telephoto

Squawking Making Their Presence Known

THEN . . .

Quick As They Came

Flying Off In A Veritable Wave of Blackness

The Loud Flapping of Power Wings

Taking This Scavengers On Their Way

To Where ~ No One Knows!

365 Days of Creativity

Ok so I saw this idea on another blog and I'm adapting it a little.

The Goal - 365 Daily Posts of A Creative Creation (Each Blog Entry Titled CC #/365)
  • Poetry
  • Short Story
  • Photograph I've Taken
  • Picture I've Found Somewhere Else That Speaks to Me
  • A Journal Entry
  • Review of a Book or Article I've Finished
  • Just about anything else that is "CREATIVE"
Do I go back and pick up days 1 - 11? Maybe a summary posted called CC 1-11/365.
I hope I can do it!

Knots The Size of Oranges

What I wouldn't give for some simple relaxation. Life seems so hectic and busy right now that I would just love to have time to rest - to do NOTHING! I know my tension level is off the charts because I feel like I have knots the size of oranges in my neck and shoulders. Oh to be wealthy and have a massage therapist on call. What I would really love right now is an aromatherapy massage with essential oils. A little pampering. Not like that is going to happen anytime soon but a girl can dream. Trying to remember to see upcoming vacation as a light at the end of the tunnel. Counting down the days!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CC 12/365 - Poem Titled "Wishes"

Wishes Are Things For Which We Ask
Wishes Are When We Dream
Wishes Are What We Desire The Most
Wishes Are More Then They Seem

Wishes Can Be For Our Own Sake
Wishes Can Be For Another
Wishes Can Be A Complex Thing
Wishes Can Be Like No Other

Wishes Are Made In Many A Church
Wishes Are Made On Many A Cake
Wishes Are Made To Fulfill A Dream
Wishes Are Made For Us To Make

Sometimes ~ Sailing Through Life

Sometimes the Wind Is In Your Face
Sometimes It's At Your Back
Sometimes the Sky is Clear and Bright
Sometimes It's Dark and Black

Sometimes You Feel You're In Control
Sometimes You're Lost and Cold
Sometimes You Feel You're Young at Heart
Sometimes You Feel So Old

Sometimes Your Path is Straight and Narrow
Sometimes It's Winding and Wide
Sometimes Your Path Seems Right to Take
Sometimes You Just Want to Hide

Sometimes Your Sails Are Full of Wind
Sometimes Your Sails Are Wilted
Sometimes Your Sails Are Straight and Tight
Sometimes Your Sails Are Tilted

Sometimes You Follow Your Dreams Desire
Sometimes You Stick To What's Near
Sometimes You Follow Your Need to Believe
Sometimes You Embrace Your Fear

Sometimes the Wind is in Your Face
Sometimes It's At Your Back
Sometimes the Sky is Clear and Bright
Sometimes It's Dark and Black

Motivation for Blog Title

What inspired me to create this blog? My daughter - she is taking a course at college that required her to create her own blog to post her response to the class. In an effort to support her I decided to create my own. I've always be a journal writer with pen in hand and have always been hesitant with the concept of keeping a record electronically versus putting pen to paper. However, as I encourage my daughter to branch outside you comfort zone I decided it was time to practice what I preach.

The Motivator for my Blog Title is to do just as it says: Inspire. Whether or not I inspire others with my ramblings is unimportant. The key is "Inspiring" myself.

So there you have it. Thanks Courtney for taking a class that helps me branch out alongs side of you!