Sunday, April 3, 2011

Angel Mother ~My Messenger (PAD Challenge Day 3)

I have a special Angel
She’s a messenger to me
Although she isn’t by my side
Her spirit will always be

I know she’s there to guide me
When I feel the most alone
When I doubt if I can really
Really do this on my own

I know that all it takes
Is to simply close my eyes
And ask my special angel
Because I know she’s wise

She whispers softly to my heart
With words so sweet and true
The ones Mom used to say to me
I believe in you

I hope that when it’s my time
To leave my life on Earth
My legacy is like my Mom’s
So my children know their worth


  1. I hope so too. This was so beautifully written. Thank you.

  2. I love it. My mother is never far from me and my thoughts, though she left this earth over twelve years ago.

  3. Wonderful tribute to an obvious amazing mother! She would be so proud! She lives on in you! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The trust and love expressed in the poem are really touching and inspiring.

  5. I am sure it will be..I am glad you have a special angel with you..Jae

  6. A touching poem with well expressed feelings.

  7. A wonderful tribute to someone obviously very dear to you; I feel sure you will be remembered in the same way.

  8. Wonderful words. Reading these beautiful words I too feel sure you will leave the same legacy.