Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Self Esteem,

I’m writing you today. I hope these simple heartfelt words inspire you I pray. Your fickle attitude towards me binds me up in several KNOTS. How do I get away I ask from these dark and scary spots? Why is that when I start to believe, look out there’s another NOT. Unlike a twisted stretch of twine, these are from an emotional lot. I try and look beyond their power and ignore their evil bearing, but NOTS like these are strong and they affect how I am faring. If you could kindly send some words that are positive instead, I’m sure my kind and gentle soul would be able to get ahead. By replacing NOTS with yes I cans, we’d create a spirit that’s stronger. The pain created by stomach KNOTS would fade and exist no longer. So as you see I come to you with a thought out postulation. Beseeching you to hear my cries and make an accommodation? Please take my thoughts and mull them around, consider the merit you see. I patiently wait for your reply.


Myself and me.

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© Lisa N. ~ 3/9/2011


  1. Wonderful! A precious response to the Knots Prayer post! That poem really spoke to me too. It seems so many of us grow up acquiring way too many negative messages about ourselves and our lives. I'm working hard on learning to be more positive, and more believing and accepting of myself. We can untie those knots! Thank you so much for joining my Write A Letter Wednesday Blog. Letters written to ourselves are some of the best! I'll be back on your Gratituesday blog next week, I ran out of time last night!