Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sill Putty Acrostic (Theme Thursday)

So Much Fun
I Often Had
Lobbing Across Room
Lifting Newpaper Images
Yucky Oil Leftover

Plastic Pink Egg
Useful For Rolling
Toy of Astronauts
That’s Just Crazy
You Can't Ruin
© Lisa Northrup ~ 3/31/2011


  1. lolsss.. this is fun!!!
    The 1st bold words read together- ouchhh.. :D

    Hugs xox

  2. Great images and memories you have evoked!


  3. Haha! You took me back in time! I'd forgotten all the reasons I loved Silly Putty. May have to go get some now! :D
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  4. Perfect acrostic for the topic. I remember copying newspaper print too.

  5. I loved playing with Silly Putty!

  6. This is so fun! I love Silly Putty!

  7. I always loved lifting cartoon images, but you're right -- it left oily gunk in its wake.

  8. Yep. I just loved lifting those images and crackling the silly putty as I would smoosh it through my fingers. This was a great prompt, and a great post.

  9. Great poem as so on the subject. Thank you for sharing! I am glad I stopped by for Theme Thursday!

  10. I loved Silly Putty when I was a kid ... I forgot about the above mentioned newspaper and cartoon imaging ... then squishing them away to make room for something else. Great take on the prompt!

  11. Hehehe, what fun! I would love to do an acrostic post, you have inspried me. You have a lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by Mercy's World for the A to Z Challenge too. Cant wait to read yours.

  12. Woderful acrostic!! Three cheers for Silly Putty!!