Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obsession Free Life

When you begin to obsess
There are things you can do
With help you can handle it
Here’s some guidelines for you

Step back, take a break
Go ahead and cry
Reach out to others
Stop wondering why

Stay clear of her problems
Let someone else do the dealing
Write down all your thoughts
Don’t deny what you’re feeling

Stop trying to control
The life of another
It changes who you are
As a wife and a mother

Live your own life
Seek help if it’s needed
Accept rather then judge
Like you’d want to be treated

Reward yourself for having
Obsession Free Days
Only you can change yourself
Your obsessive ways

Live life in the present
Only glance back at the past
This is very necessary
If you want this marriage to last

Let go of the anger
Let go of the pain
You’ve got nothing to lose
You’ve got everything to gain.

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© Lisa N. ~ (03/04/2002)

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  1. Advise well given and most needed. Thank you!