Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Scribblings ~ Raw (#257)

When looking to explain to you
The meaning behind this word
So many different contexts arise
Demanding to be heard

From being in a natural state
Not processed or purified
To being imperfectly prepared for use
No polished or finished outside

The surface marked by irritations
Perhaps that's due in part
It lacks the proper covering
Naked doesn't seem so smart

Immaturely wandering down a path
Lacking experience - it is green
Susceptible to hurt and pain
From anything that's mean

Finally last but not the least
Refinements that are coarse
Not tempered unbridled passion
Describe this powerful force


  1. Excellent! covering all facets of "raw" with really good writing and poetic form! In considering different ways to use this word before writing my post, the naked aspect escaped me... might have made for an interesting tale! ;-)

  2. I think you got them all! Nice one! Thanks for reading mine as well Lisa.

  3. You said the so much more beautifully than Merriam-Webster!

  4. A beautifully encapsulated poem of all aspects of raw. I loved the way it rolled along as I read it.

  5. Very elegantly expressed and gently rippled to the very end!! Conveyed your thoughts very subtly!!

  6. Yes, a great exploration of the word itself..Jae

  7. Amazing how a little three letter word like raw can inspire such beautiful, well formed poetry.
    Absolutely first rate.

  8. It is amazing how a little word can mean so much. I enjoyed the way you dissected it for us in a pleasant poem.