Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hurt and Disappointment

I woke this morning to swollen eyes.

A haunting darkness encircles them,

the residual of the tears that had been shed the previous evening.

What sadness has stolen the bright smiling blue eyes

that normally highlight my face?

Nothing particularly dainty or pretty about my look,

but rather disappointment and distress.

I can only feel the torment that tantalizes my heart

while I try sorting out my confusion.

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© Lisa N. ~ 3/9/2011


  1. Aww!! Nothing is more important than you are!! :) Things what make you cry are just too less to bother about! Well, expressed!!

  2. Wash your face, put on some make-up and treat yourself to a hair-do - that'll di it!

  3. A precise and touching Altonian says..drying 'your' eyes is the first step..Jae

  4. What a vulnerable and honest poem. It touched the depths of my heart. Hope your day brightens.
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  5. Oh my...this describes me today...down to the blue eyes...your words are the backdrop to my post. Well written. ~Paula

  6. Sheilagh Lee said: sensitive people feel deeply it is no sin.I feel your pain in this poem and want only to make your blue eyes smile so I want you to know how much I enjoy your postings, including this one. :)

  7. Thanks everyone. You so brightened my day. I'm so grateful for my new friends!

  8. As I write mainly fiction I tend to read others work that way too. So I am not going to sympathize with you but merely applaud your writing which was beautiful in its sadness.