Friday, March 25, 2011

New York – My New Chance (One Stop Poetry)

The city sprawls in front of me
As I look out at the view
I find myself bedazzled
Wonder if can this city be true

The lights that fill the buildings
Make the night sky glow as though
They’re diamonds that now offset
A sunset the color of Bordeaux

The city seems to spill out
In every imaginable direction
One building taller then the next
A magnificient collection

Can hardly wait for morning to come
A chance for a fresh new start
I’ve waited all my life it seems
Now finally I’ll exhibit of my art

© Lisa Northrup ~ 3/25/2011


  1. I've never been to NY before. Thank you for taking me there.

  2. smiles. it is a gorgeous city...had a great time out and about in it...on the art, if thats true, great job!!! big step...

  3. I love the expression 'the city seems to spill out...' Your description of buildings, one taller than the next is just so true, enjoyed this a lot!