Thursday, March 31, 2011

Achieving My March Goal

My blogging experience
began in earnest in March.
I set a goal of 80 posts.
A challenging goal it was.
I began calling it my own personal
~ March Madness~

I am proud to announce that with this
Friday Flash 55 for the
Amazing Mr. Knowitall
I have reached my ambitious goal!

April Goal? 100

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© Lisa Northrup ~ 3/31/2011


  1. Well Lisa...
    You did indeed write a 55 word post!
    And thanks for letting me know about it.
    But maybe you should stop by my place after 8:00 PM EST. and comment again so others can see your 55.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  2. Nice! That's more than I posted when I first began. Congrats, Lisa

  3. 80 posts a month...omg...100 for next month...pase yourself...its a marathon not a sprint...

  4. I was always a sprinter in track. I'm starting to utilizing the same work for more then one post so 100 may be a challenge. However April is poetry month and I have 2 separate sites that are doing 30 day challenges so that will be 60 if I just do those two. You are right though - I don't want to get burned out.

  5. Reaching goals is a magical wonderful thing we make happen of our own heart and mind. Congratulations!!

    I only post 3x weekly, but that's a good pace for me.

    And what a pretty font.

  6. Very ambitious. Three maybe four times a week for the muse allows.

  7. I won't tell you how many posts I've done, but this makes me smile.

  8. Congrats on reaching your goal.

  9. good 4 u,
    I know how creative your words are,
    your mind is a whirling pool,
    keep the beauty and posts coming...


  10. EIGHTY POSTS in ONE MONTH? 100 in APRIL, which is already short by one day..."30 days has April" od something like that.

    A cleverly informative 55, my dear. You GO! I'm gonna start counting at midnight!!!

    BTW, mine is HERE

  11. That's a heck of a challenge you've set yourself - but I'd bet on you achieving it!
    My 55 are here.

  12. Well done. A goal achieved is good.

  13. Good luck meeting your goal, Lisa.

  14. I probably do about 80 posts a month, but not on a single blog! Nice job for a newbie, Lisa! :)

  15. woooohoooo Congratulations!!!!
    Very well accomplished.. :D

    yay!!! A lovely blog that yours is; you should
    write often for us to come visit you.. :)

    Wishing you a very beautiful time ahead writing n more.. Hugs xx

  16. good for the heart and the creative mind, you are a blogging prodigy! I am on my 2nd year and it is still fun.
    my 55 is HERE