Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Word Wednesday

What would you call me?

Some people would call me loud.
I just call myself vocal.

Some people would call me pushy.
I just call myself persuasive.

Some people would call me poor.
I just call myself full of riches.

What do you call me now?


  1. I call you skilled at putting together a lovely piece that tied the prompts together very nicely! :-))

  2. A writer full of riches definitely..nicely done..Jae

  3. A writer with a gentle and loving heart.

  4. a glass half-full kinda girl...oh, and a skilled twister of words (some might simply call that a poet).

  5. I'd call you an optimist.I'm a glass half full kind of person myself.sometimes to the point people call me pollyanna.I also call you a confident poetess.