Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ABC Wednesday - Letter K

Katzenjammer is the word
I’ve chosen for you today
If you don’t know is meaning
That is surely quite okay.

I like that it is commonly known
To be an obnoxious sound
It’s said to be a discordant noise
A melody must not be found

Another choice which I find odd
Since Katzenjammer sounds so fun
Is how it can be that what we find
Is Bewilderment in the long run

My personal favorite you will see
Is something to be explored
For when we play a little to hard
A Hangover is our reward.

I hope you found my prose to you
To be delightful to your ear
I hope that in this silly verse
You learned a new word here

© Lisa N ~ 3/30/2011


  1. I'm old enough to remember a comic strip called the Katzenjammer Kids, who always got into trouble.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Very cute !!
    Never heard the word, but it rolls off the lips in a fun way ...LOL

  3. Very nice. I didn't know the word...but I do now!

  4. Hi. I also never heard the word before but it is LOADS of fun to say!

  5. It is a fun word and you've written it well!

  6. A fantastic idea for ABC Wednesday - always brings out the best in us don't you think?
    ABC Team