Sunday, March 6, 2011

Head Over Heels - Phrase or Slang (PS) Acrostic Only

Happy Anniversary Love

Expresses My Discernment

All-Consuming Love Required

Daring Tempting Fate

Opening Our Hearts

Valuing The Differences

Embracing New Experiences

Reslishing the Chance

How Suprising Love

Evolved This Way

Echoing The Sentiment

Love Is Sweeter

Second Time Around


  1. Lisa!!! this is so beautiful my anniversary is coming I may have to make this into a card if you don't mind this is the one acrostic I have not done yet just wonderful!

  2. Amanda - feel free to make this into a card. I would be honored.

  3. That was lovely! What a wonderful feeling it must be, head over heels! :)