Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dogs Grand Time

The dog was having a grand time
frolicking to and fro
I wonder what went through his mind
I imagine I’ll never know.

He chased the birds across the lawn
and then a squirrel he treed
He rushed and drank at least a gallon
and then of course he #(@%.

It only slowed him for a moment
He truly disliked the delay
The dog was having a grand time
Watch out don’t get in his way.

© Lisa N ~ 3/27/2011


  1. What can I say Lisa, you ROCK !!
    love the poem, love the picture and love how fast you respond !!!
    Thankyou so much !!
    We really enjoyed this !

  2. Awww thanks. I really love your blog and love the prompts.

  3. What a fun photo and poem! :D Dogs know how to enjoy themselves like no one else--don't you wish you could be inside their heads even for 5 minutes just to know what it's like?

  4. I like the frolicking of the dog. Very nice.

  5. A poem riddled with the whole fun spirit of a dog at play!

  6. This made me smile a mile wide... loved it!