Thursday, March 10, 2011

Butterfly Blue and Butterfly Orange ~ Friday Flash 55

Butterfly Blue and Butterfly Orange
come to the meadow tonight.
The lavender night sky greeting them as they traverse
through the grassy field with only one mission in mind. 
The wildflowers blooming in bright hues
of periwinkle, magenta, and navajo white
patiently wait for the soft feet of their saviors
to pollinate stamen and pistil.

© Lisa N ~ 3/10/2011


  1. A sweet 55 just ready for spring - let the color begin

    glad you joined us today

    Moon smiles

  2. delightful 55.
    love butterflies.

  3. nice. lots of great colors you got in there and i love butteflies...and watching them dance...

  4. Lisa....
    This may sound corny and trite, but You absolutely transported me to a MUCH anticipated day in the not too distant future.
    Loved your 55!!!
    Thank you for that wonderfully refreshing moment.
    Thanks for playing as well, I hope you found this to be challenging and FUN.
    And please, have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Lots of stimuli for the senses here. Had fun reading your 55.

  6. What a lovely and sensual 55! I love the vivid colors: "lavender night" is just fabulous. This makes for a great sensory experience. Fine writing!

  7. Your words produce a surreal effect that goes very well with the picture.

  8. Vivid spring nature scene. Effective work.

  9. How sweet is that!!! I loved those "soft feet"....awesome!!
    I smell Spring already...yaaayyy!!