Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waves of Life

I sit looking out at the gentle waves as they slowly make their way further up the sand on the beach. I wonder to myself how exactly my life has come to this point. How did so much of my life change in such a short period of time? I lean back against the dune and let my head fall back. Closing my eyes I let the salty sea breeze flow around me and through my hair. The wind is soft and provides a much desired cooling relief to my sun kissed cheeks. The streaks there become more evident as the air dried the tears that rolled across in the not so distant past. I look to the glass I hold in my hand. To the casual observer it looks as though it is just a cool drink but I know myself that it actually contains a tea of sorts, the Long Island variety to be exact. The potion is sweet and provides just the right prescription, giving just the right amount of mellow to allow the demons in my head to be silent, if only for a moment. I wonder to myself as I sit enjoying the view and serene vista in front of me, how long it will be before anything will tickle my fantasy again. What will it take for the laughter to return and the loss to fade into the background? I know that it is my responsibility to step up and step forward but as for today I believe I need to sit back and garner wisdom and strength.

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© Lisa N ~ 3/16/2011


  1. There is a right time but you must decide when yourself not others. I found this to be a beautiful piece to read, to absorb and to empathize with.

  2. Beautiful imagery of a single scene and the mental turmoil churning and grinding within!! Well scripted too :)
    Do stand up to conquer those violent protests disturbing you!!

  3. The gentleness of the words does not reflect the inner turmoil here. Nicely written piece that leaves one hoping for a happy resolution.

  4. Very Pensive. Take your time and think things through.
    Very well written.