Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Things I Collect

Eeyore collectables of every shape and size


Books (currently have about 200+ books to read)

My Personal Journals

Postcards (from places I've visited)

Magazine Articles (torn from magazines)

Exercise Videos (Found out they don't work if you just look at them)

Page a Day Calendar Sheets

Porcelain Birds (inherited my mother's collection when she passed away)

Greeting Cards

Unnecessary pieces of paper (albeit organized in file folders)

Socks (Apparently I end up with too many old socks)

Dust bunnies because I spend too much time blogging.  :-)


  1. Some very cool collections here! I bet my dust bunny collection is larger than yours. Add to that the fact that I have four sheddding furkids in the house and it becomes a very fuzzy place! I bet I could knit sweaters from all the cat fur floating around! :-))

  2. Where would we be without out collections LOL! Magazines and books are my downfall...

    ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  3. JTS - We too have four shedding furkids as well. One of whom is an Angora cat. Disappointing this - unlike angora from a rabbit you can't use cat fur to make a sweater. What a shame.....I could be RICH!!!

  4. Love it!! Collecting is so much fun and so interesting to see what other people find fascinating enough to keep and search out!

  5. LOL! Great list. The exercise tapes not working by looking at them, so funny! We can dream! :)

  6. I collected angels until I ran out of room. I still have them but only buy new ones I fall madly in love with. They have to have the right face....