Monday, March 21, 2011

Sarcastic Octelle

I rear my ugly little head

Never welcome so it is said

Taunt you just for my own fun

Humor rarely seen as pun

Mocking makes me feel tall

Not concerned for you at all

I sneer and jest, a tear you shed

Was sarcastic until you bled



© Lisa N - 3/21/2011


  1. WOW double the fun !!
    I really like this, you did well on both the sarcasium and the octelle !! LOVE IT !

  2. Perfect Octelle! I have not done one in a long time. Your flow is beautiful and the message is very clear!!!!

  3. Just about as mean a person as I could think of, Lisa. You made it flow very nicely and I like your octelle form.
    I may try one some time (mine was acrostic this week). I would need to study a little more as I am seeing the last two lines the same as the first also?

  4. i like this octelle form....... it puts more power and punch to the theme... so much damage i never really owned... i mean who has not been sarcastic at one time another... ouch!

  5. Some people just never know when to stop. I know I'm guilty and need to apologize to a few. Need to take the advice of your second line.