Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Write A Letter - Dear Cats

I write this letter to my cats. It is short and sweet. I have some simple questions. They are quite discreet. Why is it that you seem to always want my lap, at the most ackward times to simply take a nap? You seem to want to kill me. You’re always under foot. When all you’d have to do, is remember just stay put. I’d also like to inquire as to why you feel the need, to lick yourself incessantly immediately after you feed. You see I just don’t get it, don’t you see there it is a fact, that every time you’ve done it, it’s a hairball that you hacked? I know you’ll never read this since you do not have the skill, so I guess the only thing to do is keep this til you will. In closing what I’d like to say, of these things do I ponder. Yet each and every day it seems of you all I grow fonder. 


Your Human
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© Lisa N ~ 3/30/2011


  1. I love the freshness of this letter...It is great and speaks the mind of the human and how we think about our pets...*smile* Well done, thanks for sharing...

  2. Absolutely lovely... and so true! As the human belonging to four cats and a litter of adorable kittens, I can relate to all of this. As far as they are concerned, we should just sit and provide laps for napping, rathern than playing dodge the cat while trying to cross the floor or escape to a closed off room. My furkids add so much delight and affection to our lives! Thank you for sharing at Write A Letter Wednesday!

  3. I love your letter to your cat. So funny and true.
    Stopping by from write a letter wednesday.

  4. As a human to 9 (yes NINE) cats and 3 dogs ... the cats definitely rule, and apparently I am the staff as well... :-) Cute fresh pen ... I can totally relate!