Sunday, March 27, 2011

160 – Is It Enough?

“One Hundred Sixty”
Miles Per Hour or Years of Age
A Large Number Indeed
Yet for a Daily Writing Challenge
It Hardly Seems Enough
To Eloquently Convey a Thought

© Lisa Northrup ~ 3/27/2011


  1. You conveyed a thought brilliantly with 29 words..(is the letter count 160?)..jae ;)

  2. Thanks Jae. I had to take out that space now it is exactly 160 including spaces and punctuation.

  3. Short, sweet and successful. Thank you for being a part of the Sunday 160. Always happy to see a new face in the game.

  4. Welcome to 160. I think you pinned the tail on the dilemma perfectly.

    It looks like we travel in the same prompt circles. I will see you around!

  5. oh, well done. I agree, it's hard to say anything much in 160 - yet, you accomplished the task eloquently...

  6. ha. it takes skill to carve one...but a delicate hand is awarded with art...

  7. But you just did Lisa..!

    I loved your Blog Template as much as I loved your Sunday play!

    Love xoxox