Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Write A Letter Wednesday

Dear Me,

I am choosing to do my first "Write a Letter Wednesday" to write to you.  I think it is a brilliant idea to take time to just talk to you.  I want to encourage you to keep on this creative endeavor.  Please do what it is you need to do to keep focused on yourself for just a little while.  I am so happy to see the smile on your face that is brought about by finishing a piece of work and posting it.  That smile is only eclipsed by the grin you have when your phone "informs you" that you have a comment on one of your writing.  It is refreshing to see you becoming confident in yourself and your artistic ability.  Your future may not find you making your living as an "artist" but these little steps are giving you the confidence to follow some of your other artistic dreams that you seem so afraid to try.  My advice to you is to "take that chance".  If you try and fail it will still be an experience but IMAGINE the excitement if you try and succeed.  BELIEVE in YOURSELF!



  1. Thanks Mama Zen. It was a quick writing before I headed off to work today.

  2. This was a magificent letter! Blogging is such wonderful therapy and recognizing the positive effects it is having on you is so uplifting! I think it would be wonderful if we all were taught to take a little time now and then to recognize the good things we are doing for ourselves, the things about us that we like, and what we are striving for. I'm going to share those last three sentences with a friend of mine for whom they are a perfect fit, and something she needs to be reminded of. Great piece of writing, Amen, Amen!!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm flattered that my words may help someone else.