Friday, May 20, 2011

One Person's Dream - 3WW

I find myself in a familiar place
Yet one where I have never been
Somewhere I wish I could forget
For it is only in my dreams
This place is damp and musty
Of that I am quite sure
Even though I’ve never been
The image is crystal clear
In this nightmare place I go
I often slip and skid
Sliding down a steep dark hill
Towards somewhere I never see
The scene is always graphic
So real I often reach out
Sure that I can touch what’s there
Incensed by my inability
For some dreams are a blessing
They relish in remembering each
To me these are a curse from which
I’d give anything to be released


  1. Great job actually I wrote about nightmares too without having read yours first lol I love the sinister feel of this poem

  2. "A curse which I'd give anything to be released from" What a great line.wonderful poem

  3. Some dreams are a blessing and inform
    many of our poems.
    We done.

  4. dreams can take you many places only limited by your imagination. sometimes I wonder if I've invaded someone else's dream world for surely not even my imaginatio could dream this craziness up. you expressed the paculiarness and frustration very nicely.