Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monday’s Child #45 – Gemma and Emma

Illustration: G. Shepeard

Gemma and Emma
Sweet Dutch Little Twins
Dressed in matching hollands
And similar grins

Clad in their clogs
They are stopped on the track
By two tiny kittens
One gray and one black

Each stares at the other
The girls and the cats
Two and Two they do stand
Cats ears like girls hats

A standoff of sorts
Will end like no other
As kittens come home
Can we keep them, please mother


  1. oh, I love this! the kittens ears like their hats is so clever. And a standoff of sorts describes the scene perfectly.

  2. Love the way you make me giggle Lisa !! Well done !
    Have something for you today,come by and pick it up ...

  3. This is just so cute and funny Lisa. I always enjoy reading your writing!

  4. Another delightful how you picked up on the ears and very sweet..thank you so much...bkm