Friday, May 20, 2011

ABC - Letter R

The skies open up
The clouds break free
A deep black sky
As far as I can see

The rain pours down
The winds begin blowing
Hail falls heavily
It looks like it’s snowing

Sheet after sheet
Crashes violently down
Turns streets into rivers
All over the town

Branches are snapped
The flowers are shredded
The storm of the season
That has been dreaded

Fast as it came
It passes on by
It powerful destruction
You cannot deny


  1. Yesterday, this massive storm cloud seemed to descend, followed by rain, rain, rain. Last week's had 7 days of rain; so does today's.

  2. I thought April was to be the month of showers. It was beautiful. This month we are having very heavy rain showers. Love the photo