Friday, May 20, 2011

Monday's Child #46 - A Fishy Tale

Illustration: Carmen L. Browne

Standing on the sandy beach
Filling up my pail
Gathering up the perfect grains
My castle must not fail

When what to my surprise I see
A stranded lake of has formed
Left over when the tide went out
And now the sun has warmed

Traveling to the shallow surface
Tiny bubbles they are popping
Down inside this tiny world
I see some fish are flopping

It seems indeed this spot was perfect
Maybe not for what I sought
My purpose instead of gathering was
Save fish that were distraught


  1. love your poetry talent here,

    inviting you to join Poets Rally by submitting a poem, any poem is welcome.

    hope to see you in.
    keep entertaining!
    You Rock!

  2. I future scientist and marine biologist..watching the ocean and saving the fish....a curious heart and mind...bkm