Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mondays Child #44 - Pink Pixie Patty

Illustration: Cicely Mary Barker
Pink Pixie Patty
Feet planted on the Chive
Watches mister Bumblebee
Feeling Quite Alive

Pink Pixie Patty
From flower to flower flies
Spreading pollen here and there
Traveling through the skies

Pink Pixie Patty
Flitters just the same
Speading magic pixie dust
With no particular aim

Pink Pixie Patty
Wings start again to beat
Heading out again today
There are others yet to meet.
© Lisa N ~ 5/1/2011


  1. Beautiful piece, love the flow.

  2. perfectly playful and beautiful.

  3. A delight to the name you gave this Pixie and her love for making friends throughout the garden...thank you for sharing..bkm