Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CC - 19/365 Dozen Word Short Story - Aging

This is a short story written using 12 randomly selected words from a jar and then writing in 15 minutes using each word (preferably in order drawn for an extra challenge).


Dozen Words: Fantasy, Guide, Charged, Pocket, Applied, Bathing, Pleasant, Noise, Light, Daily, Cosmetic, Technique
Every woman has a fantasy about remaining younger looking. Guides are written by thousands of authors, all with the same intention. These books are charged with finding ways to preserve youth at whatever cost. Out of pocket costs are rarely even considered a factor. As women, we look for creams or lotions that can be applied. We look for ways such as bathing away unwanted aging skin. Some solutions can be quite pleasant, while many can be downright awful. There are even treatments that use noise, while others are so advanced they use laser light. Ultimately, the best thing a woman can do is to daily take care of her skin. Making sure to limit the amount of cosmetic products you use and cleansing them off thoroughly. Yet the most important technique a woman can have is to learn to love yourself and be willing to age gracefully.

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