Thursday, January 14, 2010

CC 14/365 - Dozen Word Short Story - Disaster in Haiti

This is a short story written using 12 randomly selected words from a jar and then writing in 15 minutes using each word (preferably in order drawn for an extra challenge).

Dozen Words - today, gateway, accounts, call, higher, fear, rescue, super, new, circle, minimum, lives
Disaster in Haiti

Today we embark on a mission of friendship. Haiti, a country that seems to be a gateway for natural disasters has been devasted again. By all accounts, the devastation has been catastrophic and the call has been put out to the rest of the world for help. The numbers of lives lost continues to climb higher and the fear is that the number will reach 50,000. The massive rescue effort is in full force. The response for help has been super with more and more new volunteers arriving daily. Back home many groups gather in a prayer circle to offer their support. At a minimum in all this loss and devastation we see some miraculous rescues and inspiring people risking their lives to try to save others.

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