Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CC 13/365 - Turkey Vultures Photograph

(Photograph by Lisa)

Turkey Vultures

An Ominious Thing It is

To Have Vultures Visit Your Neighborhood

Majestic and Magnificient

Beautiful and Regal
YET . . .

Disconcerting To The Senses

Aren't They The Grim Reaper of Birds

Traveling in Huge Flocks

Filling All of The Treetops

AND . . .

They Just Sit There

Occasionally Moving From Tree to Tree

Posing For Pictures If You Have Telephoto

Squawking Making Their Presence Known

THEN . . .

Quick As They Came

Flying Off In A Veritable Wave of Blackness

The Loud Flapping of Power Wings

Taking This Scavengers On Their Way

To Where ~ No One Knows!

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