Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stuck on the Bijou - Magpie

Stuck in the sand
This is how we just were
Our wheels dug in
Escape did not occur

Stranded on the Bijou
Help coming our way
A long hike to the road
Wasn't the plan for the day

We're delivered back home
Then return with a tow
Big Brother Excursion
Gives the Jeep a show

© Lisa N. ~ 09/04/2011


  1. been stuck in the sand at the beach once and just about rested the car on its frame...we did get out though...and nice on the excursion...

  2. Wonderful piece, making lighter of the dismal darkness of being stuck. momentary pauses.

  3. Sometimes things don't go as planned but they can still be okay.

  4. i like where you went with this poem