Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bad Graph - Succinctly Yours Week 11

If trying to achieve success
This graph is quite a mess
The arrow should climb high
Demonstrate positive try
Gather ponder and get inspired
Someone is going to get fired


  1. Hi Lisa, I like it! Some real tough words from a softy.

    Sounds like you've been giving this pep talk quite a while! Tell 'em what and if they don't get it fire 'em!

  2. That is just too good. Thanks for the smile.

  3. They better start improving soon :-)

  4. Hilarious poem about the graph's ominous meaning!

    My computer isn't allowing me to sign in, so it says I'm "Anonymous." But I am really Pat VanderBeek of

  5. I don't think they could go any lower-I really liked your poem!

  6. Ha...well done! You have to like the no-nonsense approach...LOL. I do hope they get their act together!

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