Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Memory - Strawberry Pie

My first endeavor into Monday Memories.  One of the memories that sticks out for me from my childhood centers around one of my favorite things - "food".  I was a girl of about 5 or 6 years old.  My family had moved from Montana many years before I was born.  This meant that immediate family was far away and only visited on vacation.  The fact that we lived in "Colorful Colorado" so very close to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, suffice it to say that we were never short of summertime visitors.  Every summer some extended family would arrive and we would visit the same tourist attractions.  This memory, however, was of a visit by my Uncle Dave.  He arrived with his wife Mary and whenever he came to town he would spoil me rotten.  Being the baby in our family whose father was the baby in his family - well you guessed it I was definitely the center of attention.  We had all gathered to go out to breakfast at Village Inn.  When we walked in on this fine Sunday morning there was of course a wait.  While I waited impatiently, I kept eyeing the display case that housed all of the WONDERFUL pies.  Finally our turn came to be seated and when the waitress came around to take our order I said that I wanted that BIG STRAWBERRY PIE in the display case.  Of course, being a good parent my mother immediately informed me that I WAS NOT have strawberry pie for breakfast.  I of course proceeded to sulk and my Uncle who was wrapped around my finger immediately jumped in and informed my parents that he was a guest and if his neice wanted that strawberry pie that she was going to get it.  The bantering went back and forth and alas I was presented with not a mere slice of the pie, but the pie in it's entirety.  Determined to prove that I could eat it, I set out to eat the entire pie.  I succeeded in finishing most of it but what a price I paid.  I don't think I have ever been so incredibly full and sick to my stomach.  It took years before I could bring myself to eat strawberry pie.  However, I genuinely don't believe I learned any lessons in the process.  I was pretty impressed with my powers of persuasion.


  1. A wonderful memory from your childhood, Lisa! Reading it left me smiling broadly, as I can see myself as a child being just as determined to prove I could conquer that pie! I'm not surprised it took a long time for it to sound appealing again! I was raised to be horrified at the notion of dessert for breakfast, but sometimes I let my children indulge, and I love that our granddaughter's mommy permits "dessert first" at special dinner occasions. Some rules are made to be broken... good memories are made in the process! Thank you for joining us for Monday Memories.. I'll look forward to reading mjore stories and letters from you in the future!

  2. "However, I genuinely don't believe I learned any lessons in the process. I was pretty impressed with my powers of persuasion" -- my favorite line. I laughed through this because my eldest daughter reminds me of you. Needless to say, she's quite persuasive.
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